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Any Courageous Conversation Starts With Listening

In a nation who too often eschews authentic dialogue when it comes to race, justice and equality, we are inviting you to join in our commitment to engage in Courageous Community Conversations.

The Goal

The goal of Courageous Community Conversations is to transform our community into a place where diversity, inclusion, Justice and shared value is celebrated.

The Approach

Known in the 17th Century as Family Dinner, the table was a place, time and opportunity for familial communication. The Courageous Community Conversation approach enhances learning, equity and a sense of community by leveraging the power and purpose of The Table.

The Method

Following the pattern of small groups, 6 – 10 persons of diverse backgrounds gather monthly to share authentic cultural dishes from their respective cultures, share their unique American story, develop a sensitivity of others diverse experiences and develop strategies toward a more seamless Community.

How Long Are CCC Table Gatherings

Each gathering at The Table is recommended to be once a month for (4) consecutive months.

Become A CCC Host

Like a small group facilitator, CCC Table Host primary function is to guide Table Conversations, Cultivate Compassion and Focus on Building a sense of Community.

Important Note: We are currently accepting table host applicants for round two of our Courageous Community Conversations, slated to begin in July, 2021. Please fill out the form below if you’re interested in hosting a table during one of these upcoming conversations.

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Find A CCC Table

Learning in small groups provides us the opportunity to be more interactive than in settings such as large groups. CCC small groups is a conducive environment to discuss issues, ask questions, examine our personal views and clarify our own understanding through comparing and contrasting our views with the experiences of others.

Important Note: We are slated to begin the second round of our Courageous Community Conversations in July, 2021. Please fill out the form below if you’re interested in attending one or more of these upcoming conversations.

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